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A story of freshness

Soap Maker at Her Shop

Meet Charlotte

Hi, my name is Charlotte Woods and I'm so happy to have you on my site! I have been interested in health and wellness for a long time, and started The Real Truth About Supplements to help inform others. Since there are so many health supplements out there with so much complicated information, I wanted a way to share my experience, knowledge, opinions in an easy to understand way (don't want to get to "scienc-y" and hard to understand!)


I like to look into new diet techniques (like supplements) while also evaluating "traditional" techniques like counting calories. However, I am interested in more than just weight loss. We are living in a huge reemergence of wellness trends, and I am here to take a closer look at them!

...what i do

I research, experiment, and write about my thoughts on topics involving health, diets, weight loss, and overall wellness. I stay updated on different trends, routines, and products and give my thoughts on them. I have people who subscribe to my emails (that's where my focus is), and I also have a blog where I publish my thoughts. Members of the email list get special offers as well as the content from the blog.

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