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5 Best Veggies For Blood Sugar Levels

Lowering blood sugar doesn't need to be complicated. You don’t have to punish yourself. Including these veggie superstars in your diet can improve blood sugar levels naturally.


1. Broccoli


The dark green veggie has a lot to love when it comes to blood sugar. First, it has plenty of fiber. High-fiber foods give your body longer to process the carbs. Second, broccoli has special antioxidants that seem to improve how well the body processes glucose. These nutrients can lower blood sugar levels and potentially help reverse prediabetes.


2. Pumpkin


Both pumpkin and pumpkin seeds have important benefits for blood sugar. Pumpkin is filled with fiber, positive carbohydrates and glucose-reducing antioxidants. The seeds are high in protein and nutrients, making them perfect snacks. Unsweetened pumpkin puree is an easy way to thicken sauces and add fiber to Mexican food, Italian dishes, Thai curries and American favorites, such as chili.


3. Green, Yellow and Red Peppers


Try out different bell peppers to create exciting dishes. Yellow peppers have a fantastic citrusy flavor. All of these flavorful veggies are low on the glycemic index, meaning they help you avoid spikes in blood sugar. Other low-GI superstars include tomatoes, celery, asparagus and green beans.


4. Beans


Kidney beans, black beans and lentils are fantastic for balancing your blood sugar. Some scientists think that regularly eating these legumes can help protect you against developing diabetes.


One of the best ways to use beans is to cut down on how many low-quality carbs you eat. Things such as pasta and white rice tend to raise your blood sugar. Even worse, your body processes them so quickly that you feel hungry again in an hour. By adding beans, you can lower this effect and stay satisfied longer.


5. Kale


All leafy green veggies are good for balancing your blood sugar, but kale is especially potent. When you’re looking for a filling, delicious breakfast, make a kale smoothy with green apple, cucumber, almond butter and ginger (berries optional).


Why It Matters


Almost 40% of Americans are on the road to diabetes. That doesn’t need to be your story. Eating veggies that help with blood sugar is a delicious investment you’ll never regret.

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