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5 Makeup And Beauty Products To Ditch This Year

Skin fasting is a new trend going around where people ditch the face serums and tedious skincare routines, giving their skin a break. While dermatologists do not recommend ditching your skincare regimen, the overuse of products has a lot of makeup professionals thinking.


From foundation to concealer and everything in between, putting your makeup on in the morning is time-consuming and frustrating. Thankfully, you do not have to continue with the torture. Stripping back your makeup routine, and ditching five products, can save you time, money, and sanity.


1. Liquid Liner


Who doesn't love a well-executed cat-eye look? While liquid liner makes the look stand out, it is a little over the top for day-to-day life. Also, for people with light-colored and sparse lashes, the liquid liner can make them disappear.


Instead of a liquid liner, choose a soft liner pencil. You can stick with a simple line or smudge it for whatever your mood is at the moment. A long-wear pencil also provides a fix-it-and-forget-it option.


2. Eye Shadow Palettes


Choices, choices, and more choices. Eye shadow palettes are gorgeous to look at, but how often do you use more than one or two shades? Instead of investing in a palette of 12 colors or more, figure out which one or two shades you prefer and buy it as a cream shadow stick or pot.


The ability to scribble on a color or dab it on with a finger is truly liberating. Of all the beauty products to remove from your makeup bag, the multi-shade palette is top of the list.


3. Single-Use Primer


A makeup primer is the base layer of everything from foundation to eye shadow. While there may have been a time when you needed a primer to do nothing else but create a smooth, even layer for makeup application, times change. Today, single-use primers are worthless.


When looking for a primer, find one that suits your skin and needs. You can find products for treating oily or dry skin and others with built-in sun protection. Ditch the single-use primer for a modern high-tech option.


4. Foundation


Foundation is a wonderful product when you want to get all gussied up for a big event, but it is primarily unnecessary in day-to-day life. Instead of using foundation every day, reach for your concealer.


Concealer can help to hide those dark circles and red patches. For a little extra help, use a powder foundation with sheer coverage. No one will know. Promise.


5. Contouring Products


Contour, highlight, and blush definitely have their place for important events or a night on the town, but they are time-consuming and largely unnecessary for everyday wear.


Instead of spending time contouring, try a bronzer. It can give you that summer glow without all the hassle. Putting a bronzer on takes only a few seconds.


Minimizing your makeup routine allows your skin to breathe, which can have added benefits. Mostly, eliminating unnecessary beauty products saves you time and energy, and the above sacrifices will not affect how beautiful you are. In fact, you're gorgeous without makeup.

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