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Coffeehouse Battle: Cold Foam Versus Whipped Cream

Many favorite coffeehouses, including the most popular ones, offer drink toppings, specifically cold foam and whipped cream. Most people are familiar with the delicious and creamy whipped cream, but some may not be as familiar with cold foam.

Acknowledging the Differences Between Each Topping

The two toppings contain similar ingredients but drastically different nutritional profiles. Whipped cream is a mix of heavy cream and vanilla syrup. Cold foam is frothed non-fat milk and vanilla syrup.

A serving of whipped cream is around 150 calories for a cup of whipped cream but only 35 calories for two cups of cold foam. Also, cold foam contains no fat.

Understanding the Flavor Profile of Each Topping

You cannot deny whipped cream's creamy, sweet deliciousness; it is a holiday staple for a reason. However, cold foam still provides a similar mouth feel and flavor, albeit somewhat milder.

Whipped cream contains fat and sugar that contribute to the creaminess and flavor of the toppings. Because cold foam does not contain fat, it is not as full or creamy, and because it has very little sugar, the sweetness is also less.

Selecting the Healthiest Option for Your Drink Topping

You are not likely to order a full cup of whipped cream for your beverage, nor are you likely to order two cups of cold foam. Most people use only a couple of tablespoons of either topping, which means the calories are negligible and well below 100.

Still, cold foam is the winner if you are looking for the healthiest topping between the two. With less fat, sugar and calories, cold foam is a guilt-free topping.

Before eliminating whipped cream from your diet, consider how often you enjoy it. Why sacrifice the flavor if you only use a dollop or two for occasional desserts or drinks every Thanksgiving or holiday season?

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