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What Happens If You Eat Too Much Protein?

Foods that are high in protein have many benefits. For example, by munching on nuts or jerky when you’re hungry, you can stay full longer and avoid cravings for junk food. This type of lifestyle can help you maintain a good weight.


Getting plenty of protein is just as important for seniors. The body needs these building blocks to maintain strong muscles and help with digestion. Are there any downsides to a high-protein diet?


Too Much Protein for Your Own Good


Like many foods, protein is good when you enjoy it in moderation, but not so great when you go overboard. Here are a few risks of very-high-protein diets:

  • Increased risk of heart disease

  • High cholesterol and blood pressure

  • Kidney problems

  • Weight gain

  • Headaches

  • Constipation

It’s hard for the kidneys to process so much protein, which is why high-protein diets are not recommended for anyone who has kidney problems. Red meats can increase uric acid levels in the blood, leading to gout attacks or kidney stones.


Not Enough Vitamins or Fiber


Going to extremes rarely has lasting benefits. In fact, completely eliminating some foods can leave your body with dangerous vitamin deficiencies. A balanced diet is better when it comes to weight loss, pain management or other health goals.


Different food groups excel at providing certain essential nutrients. To get vitamin C, you need to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. This vitamin is vital for your immune system, energy levels, skin, heart and brain.


Your body also needs plant foods that are high in fiber. Fiber helps protect your gut and encourages good digestion. People who eat lots of fiber have a lower risk of colon cancer and heart disease.


Not So Fabulous Fad Diets


Some people get excited about new diets they see on YouTube or TikTok. It should go without saying, but taking health advice from strangers on the internet is bad. Some of these diets tell people to eat tons of meat and cut major food groups such as fruits or grains. Unless your doctor is the one telling you to avoid certain foods, be careful.


Healthy Protein Habits


Protein is excellent at making a healthy diet even better. Whether you’re sipping on a berry and peanut butter smoothie in the morning, grilling chicken breast for lunch, snacking on Greek yogurt and almonds, or cooking eggs for supper, there are tons of ways to boost your protein intake safely. Just remember to balance every meal with a serving of fruit or veggies.

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