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Why I Started Using Hair Oil

I have not always been in love with hair oil. In fact, I used to think it was kind of a gross product. My hair is oily enough, so why would I intentionally add oil to it? Well, my perspective on hair oil did a complete 180 a few months ago when I asked a friend of mine how she got her hair to look so shiny and healthy. I bet you can guess what her answer was. Yep, she said she used hair oil.


Just a few weeks after that encounter, I noticed my hair started to feel more brittle and looked duller and more lifeless than usual. I chalked it up to the harsh summer sun and exposure to chlorine in swimming pools. I wondered if hair oil might help my hair look more like my friend’s.


So I did a little research to learn more. Here’s what I found out about Moringa hair oil and why I think everyone should at least try it and see if it works for them.


Moringa Oil Overview


Moringa oil is obtained from the seeds of the moringa tree. A fun fact about this tree is that it is also commonly called “The Miracle Tree” because its oil is bursting with phytonutrients that can work wonders for skin and hair.


Whether your hair has a lot of split ends or feels dry and brittle, moringa oil may be the answer. Here are a few of the benefits you can experience when using moringa hair oil regularly.


Improved Hair Growth


Our bodies need zinc to produce keratin (which is the main component of hair). You can get zinc from certain types of food (including meat, legumes, nuts, seeds and more), but it can be hard to get enough from these sources.


Fortunately, you can deliver more zinc directly to your hair by applying moringa oil to it. Moringa oil contains zinc, vitamin A, vitamin B6 and other ingredients that can support your body’s keratin production, so you grow thicker longer hair.


Stronger Hair Strands


In addition to helping you grow more hair, moringa oil can also help you grow stronger hair. You will likely notice your strands growing stronger when you provide them with more zinc by applying moringa oil regularly. That’s because keratin is a protein that adds strength and structure to the hair, fingernails and skin.


When you don’t have enough keratin, your hair is more likely to become weak and susceptible to damage. But if you have a lot of keratin, your hair strands are more likely to become stronger and more impervious to damage.


More Vibrant Color


One thing I’ve noticed about my hair as I age is that it is starting to look duller and more “mousy” than it used to look. Since I started using moringa oil, my hair has retained its color better. Not only that, but it is shinier and more vibrant-looking than I ever remember it being!


Some people use hair oil that is slightly tinted to help them achieve a richer hair color. But moringa doesn’t rely on pigments to help it deliver vibrant color to your strands. Instead, the antioxidants within moringa oil helps neutralize free radicals in your body that contribute to all sorts of aging-related symptoms—including dull and graying hair. Antioxidants protect our bodies and can help prevent the color in our hair from fading prematurely.


These are just a few improvements I have noticed to my hair when using moringa oil. It is such a simple product, but it delivers impressive results. Try it yourself and see if it can help you grow healthier, stronger, more beautiful locks. I am pretty confident it will!

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1 Comment

Moringa leaves, contain more protein gram per gram than meat!

This is amazing! It also contains several key phytonutrients and antioxidants that nourish our bodies In its entirety while reducing the negative effects of the free radicals which arise as a result of the various metabolic processes that occur, naturally, in our bodies.

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